Our Philosophy

Our training philosophy emphasizes functional movement and performance. Our members are everyday people who are looking to get away from boring ineffective workouts and get you back to having fun and seeing results. Our coaches will laugh with you, sweat with you and challenge you every workout.

Relentless Members show up on time. Work hard. Are coachable. Encourage others. Set goals (and crush em). Don't take themselves too seriously.

We don't just change bodies. We change lives.


We offer 3 types of classes; Strength, Conditioning and Power. Our strength and conditioning classes are 60 minutes. Our power class is a combo of the two and is 45 minutes for those short on time.

We offer 2 types of private coaching; Semi Private or 1 on 1. Semi- Private sessions are 60 minutes long and have no more than 3 athletes per coach.