Group Classes

Strength Class

Lift Heavy. Get Strong.

  • 1 hr class offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Focuses on functional strength to perform life's daily tasks
  • Each strength workout includes a warm-up, a main lift, accessory exercises, and a quick high intensity finisher

Strength workouts will burn fat, build muscle, and prevent injury.

Conditioning Class

  • 1 hr class offered Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity
  • Each conditioning workout includes a combination of a dynamic warmup and a metcon

Conditioning workouts will help you build a healthy heart, burn fat, increase your metabolism, and challenge you both physically and mentally.

Power Class

  • 45 Minute Class on Fridays
  • Power class is a combination of both strength and conditioning class
  • Each workout includes a warm-up, a main lift, and shortened metcon

All the benefits of our other classes for those short on time.

Our group classes offer the perfect mix of intimate coaching, accountability and the camaraderie experienced with training alongside others. Group classes are for ANYONE and EVERYONE. Every workout is scale-able to any fitness level, age, gender, size, experience, disabilities etc. Our classes are constantly varied because doing the same routine over and over not only becomes boring, but your body quickly adapts to your routine and stops changing.

Open Gym hours and a workout of the day are available to all Relentless members. Contact us for more information.

Being Relentless is Better Together

Group Membership Pricing

  • 60 minute intro session and goal assessment
  • Access to all group classes
  • Access to open gym and workout of the day
  • Monthly Nutrition Seminar.
  • 90 Day Commitment

Name Monthly Cost
8 Classes $140
12 Classes $160
Unlimited $180